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The Bacchus Co in Phoenix, AZ delivers results in manufacturing and supply chain management.

Welcome to The Bacchus Co

The Bacchus Co is a procurement service provider located in Phoenix, AZ that delivers superior value in supply chain management, product development, manufacturing, procurement, and part sourcing. Through our relationships with manufacturing partners on six continents, we excel at producing high quality parts with exceptionally fast delivery times.

In today's economic climate, businesses must adapt quickly or perish. Companies can no longer afford to perform every function in-house. Likewise, manufacturers cannot afford to re-tool their production facilities every time a design or product line changes. Industry has become much more modular, with outsourced specialty vendors taking the place of in-house departments. These outsourced vendors are able to deliver highly developed and specialized skill sets and often reduce costs through economy of scale.

Procurement, manufacturing, and supply chain management are three of The Bacchus Co's primary services. We handle vendor selection along with all aspects of vendor management, including negotiation and performance metrics. We also design and implement best practices and quality control procedures to ensure that all required parts and materials made to specification. We constantly monitor all aspects of your supply chain and provide detailed, on-demand reporting so you always know that your production team will have required parts and materials before they are needed.

The Bacchus Co of Phoenix, AZ is also a growing leader in product development. We have the tried and true processes, relationships, and core competencies to streamline your manufacturing and product development work from beginning to end. Essentially from the drawing board to the marketplace.

Here at The Bacchus Co we believe that trust is earned and actions speak.

We appreciate any opportunity to earn your trust and show you that by choosing us as your procurement team and supply chain managers, together we will take your operation to the highest achievable level!